Poland leads European ecommerce growth

A vibrant economy and growing Internet access are fueling an e-commerce boom in Poland. 

18.2 million of Poland’s 38 million people are Internet users, according to web measurement firm comScore, making it the eighth-biggest Internet market in Europe. 

The Centre for Retail Research, a UK–based retail research and consulting firm, predicts Poland will register the fastest growth in European e-commerce this year, with a 24% hike in e-retail compared to the European average of 16.1%. 

A study from the European Union’s statistical office, Eurostat, says 67% of Polish households had Internet access in 2011, far below 94% in the Netherlands but well ahead of 50% in Greece. 

As the Internet becomes more accessible to millions more Poles, online shopping in Poland will continue to grow quickly in the years ahead. 

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