Transmotion™ Converts E-Commerce Websites From English To Spanish

December 1, 2003
Contact: Myra Gross
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According to government statistics, more than 37 million Hispanics currently live in the United States, and they represent the fastest-growing population segment in the nation. In 2000, Hispanics had a combined purchasing power of $450 billion. By 2010, that purchasing power will exceed $1 trillion.

Retailers, companies, and organizations that conduct E-commerce on the Internet are trying to attract the attention - and more importantly, the business - of Hispanics. Recently, the United States government announced the launch of a Spanish-language website, and AOL introduced its new Spanish-language Internet service. Other businesses are seeking ways to overcome the language barrier and reap the rewards by launching Spanish-language websites of their own.

The catch? Creating a Spanish-language "mirror" of an existing English site has been an expensive, time-consuming, and risky process. But not anymore.

"It's clear that Hispanics are a huge, growing segment of the North American marketplace," said Will Fleming, CEO of MotionPoint Corporation, which developed TransMotion™, a new website translation technology and service that promises to boost sales and service to Hispanics. "E-commerce companies that don't have a Spanish language website are losing significant revenue and profit dollars every day."

Organizations with a presence on the Internet know that Hispanics have wealth, income, education, and are technologically savvy; more than 50 percent of Hispanics over the age of 16 are Internet users. Research indicates that many Hispanics, even if they're bilingual, prefer Spanish - the language they speak at home - as their language of choice.

With the untapped potential of E-commerce so clearly linked to Hispanics, why aren't businesses doing more to reach them? Traditionally, the complexity, expense, and high maintenance involved in creating and managing websites have made them reluctant to launch a second language site.

Before TransMotion™, launching a Spanish-language site required hiring more IT specialists to perform a complex and costly re-architecting of the English site and to maintain the Spanish site in sync with the English site. That's why only a handful of E-commerce companies have invested the time and money to deploy Spanish language websites. TransMotion™ is the "silver bullet" that reduces the time, money, and risk involved.

"E-commerce companies need a simple, cost-effective, high-quality solution to website translation - and they need it fast," Fleming said. "Our TransMotion™ technology is the best alternative for adding high-quality Spanish language capability online."

MotionPoint deploys human translators who use its proprietary Computer Aided Translation (CAT) tools to professionally translate the English site. The client activates the Spanish website by simply adding a link to the homepage, which allows a customer to view the website in Spanish with a single mouse-click. Translated web pages are delivered to online users by special TransMotion™ server software. The client maintains and updates the English language website as usual, and MotionPoint manages the Spanish mirror site via the company's proprietary TransMotion™ tools.

TransMotion™ accurately maintains the Spanish site in sync with the English. Every page of the client's English website - including text, pictures, animation, and linked documents - is professionally translated and meticulously mirrored in the Spanish site. The entire process is managed by MotionPoint and requires no software integration by the client. Upfront costs can be quickly recouped with the increase in sales, customer satisfaction, and customer loyalty.

"Some translation of websites has been around for more than a decade," said Adam Rubenstein, COO and co-founder of MotionPoint. "But TransMotion™ offers the highest quality translation in an easy-to-implement, end-to-end service that enables clients to have a Spanish-language website quickly, simply, and affordably, with truly minimal IT required on the client's part." "TransMotion™ is the only technology of its kind in the world," said Enrique Travieso, chief technology officer and MotionPoint co-founder. "And it can deliver an unlimited return on investment. It can be used to translate virtually any website, including retailers, catalog companies, banks, government organizations, and nonprofits."

TransMotion™ Development
The inspiration for TransMotion's™ technology came from MotionPoint's successful history with Sears, one of the nation's foremost retailers. MotionPoint has provided "Virtual Product Brochures" in English and Spanish on the Internet for many of Sears' products. Since 2001, these in-depth brochures have boosted online and in-store sales, and have been praised by one demographic group in particular: Hispanics.

In a survey conducted among more than 500 "Virtual Product Brochure" Hispanic customers, more than 96 percent of respondents said the ability to learn about products in Spanish was important in making their purchasing decision.

"Along with each English brochure, we developed technology to deploy the Spanish version, preserving the format, look, and feel - but converting the text and graphics to the highest quality translation," Fleming said. "The English brochures often changed frequently, and we needed to make sure the Spanish changes kept pace with the English. We realized that the same technology could be applied to transform entire websites with great ease and simplicity, while maintaining high quality."

This unique expertise has led MotionPoint to direct its marketing efforts to retailers of all sizes, as well as any company with certain website attributes.

"We're especially targeting companies with large, complex, rapidly changing sites with embedded technology for e-commerce," Fleming said. "The advantages of our technology are really magnified for those companies. And if they're among the first to add Spanish, they'll have a tremendous competitive advantage."

TransMotion™ - Strategic Positioning
Based in Boca Raton, Florida, MotionPoint has the advantage of proximity to and understanding of various Hispanic cultures. South Florida's Hispanic community isn't homogenous; it includes representatives of every Spanish-speaking country in the world. In fact, Florida has become a microcosm of the overall U.S. population and one of the nation's states to watch in spotting developing trends.

"Our base in Florida gives us an opportunity to identify and understand these trends early, to get a great snapshot of where the entire country is headed," Rubenstein said. "Ten years ago, Will and I saw the potential and strength of the multicultural marketplace and took advantage of the opportunity with another technology-based product - prepaid calling cards and prepaid wireless. We had great success with those, and expect to have even more success with TransMotion™."

"There's great value to being on the front end and at the nexus of a large shift in consumer behavior," Fleming added. "In addition to the ready consumer markets in Florida, the region has a tremendous pool of talent - people with superior language and high-tech skills. The climate for TransMotion™ couldn't be better."