Hispanics Drive Traffic Online

FORD - It's a pretty big deal

Ford decided to target the Hispanic community in the United States with a translated mobile site after seeing evidence that this demographic over-indexes against the general market for mobile use.

This was a wise decision.  Ford’s Spanish-language mobile site is a translation of the automaker’s  mobile site. In just 5 months after its launch, the Spanish-language mobile site has achieved parity with its general market mobile site in terms of traffic volume. 

“We’ve been very pleased with the amount of traffic [Ford’s Spanish-language mobile site] has seen,” said Trisha Habucke, digital marketing manager of mobile at Ford.  “It has neared or exceeded traffic of the general market.”

Ford works with MotionPoint to translate and manage not only the Spanish-language mobile site, but also Ford’s desktop Spanish website http://es.ford.com.