October 30, 2007

MotionPoint Adds 50 New Clients in 6 Months


Since our last news release six months ago, MotionPoint has been “down periscope,” driving explosive growth—and global interest—in what we do. More companies are discovering our service, and realizing that Website Language Management is more relevant than ever.

MotionPoint has blazed new trails in Website Language Management. We’ve shattered the myths about website translation services (primarily, that they’re long, expensive, technology-intensive ordeals) and have signed up more than 50 new clients in a dozen languages during these active six months.

MotionPoint has brought more than 200 companies to new markets. In the past six months alone, players in the travel industry—such as Delta (Chinese, Japanese, Russian), InterRail (Spanish, German, French,Italian, Dutch), Eurail (Spanish,Portuguese), Hotels.com and Microtel —have launched MotionPoint-powered, multi-lingual websites. Retailers such as Market America, Build-a-Bear and Lumber Liquidators have debuted Spanish sites, as have financial institutions Bank Atlantic, Pentagon Federal Credit Union, and CIT Group ( Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, and Chinese). In addition, three well-known Fortune 100 Companies in retail, telecom, and marquee brands Rohm and Haas, Taco Belland Dominos also recently launched Spanish sites.


About MotionPoint

MotionPoint helps world-class brands grow by engaging and enriching the lives of new customers in markets around the globe.

Far more than the world's most effective website translation service, MotionPoint's turn-key platform combines innovative technology, big data, world-class translation and deep international marketing expertise. MotionPoint’s approach guarantees the quality, security and scalability required to succeed in an evermore competitive global marketplace - both online and offline.


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