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Proxy Plus: The Winning Solution for Website Localization

We conclude our four-part series on website localization with the industry-leading Proxy Plus approach, which leverages data-driven methodologies, localized marketing, and experienced teams. Learn even more in our new e-book.

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January 05, 2016


One of the smartest, and most cost-effective, ways grow your business is to launch localized websites in international markets. But choosing the right localization solution can be tricky. Choose wisely, and your company can achieve dramatic and sustained growth. A poor choice, however, can lead to costly mistakes—and alienate the very audience your company hopes to serve.

Thankfully, MotionPoint’s new 30-page new e-book can help you avoid such pitfalls, by sharing in-depth knowledge on four key website localization approaches. One of them—MotionPoint’s own “Proxy Plus” approach—is highlighted in today’s blog post.

This is a high-level look at Proxy Plus. To fully understand the approach—and to learn about three other website translation methods—download the full, free 30-page e-book:

Highlights: The Proxy Plus Approach

We recently blogged about the Standard Proxy approach, a powerful platform-agnostic, flexible method of website translation. Proxy Plus delivers more value, with tools (and experts) that deliver immediate and sustained business growth in international markets.

While other localization methods provide an entrée into new online markets, only Proxy Plus combines the latest innovations in proxy technologies with proven, data-driven methodologies, marketing, and experienced teams. It can be used with any CMS, using any existing translations.

With the Proxy Plus approach, international websites receive the same continuous attention and care that a company’s English-language site receives, plus access to proprietary tools and technology, and a dedicated team of data analysts, marketers and consumer experts.

To replicate this kind of attention to international markets in-house, companies must hire expert teams for each international market—just as it has with its primary-market website. These teams would need to do more than speak the language. They’d need to understand the local nuances for each market.

Proxy Plus also provides in-language Search Engine Optimization, language preference detection, user experience optimization, and translations for social, mobile and offline use. Best of all, Proxy Plus delivers the lowest total cost of ownership than other website localization approaches. For instance: Thanks to clever technologies, translation costs can be dramatically reduced, sometimes by nearly 20%.

MotionPoint is the only website localization solution that offers Proxy Plus. Learn more about it in our new e-book.

SUBHEAD: Learn More

The key to international growth online lies in choosing the right website localization approach. Download MotionPoint’s free 30-page e-book, Website Localization: Finding the Right Solution, to determine the best way to achieve your global growth goals.

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