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Radically Improving International Search Rank

To win in international markets, companies must transcend translation and build relationships through in-market PR, outreach, and more, a MotionPoint exec writes.

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December 16, 2015


Companies entering new global markets online won’t generate sustained success unless they embrace digital marketing best practices in those markets’ languages of choice, writes Charles Whiteman in the December issue of MultiLingual Magazine.

Whiteman, MotionPoint’s SVP of client services, explained why businesses should leverage strategies such as in-market PR, local media coverage, and inbound links from local social media users. When combined with “starting line” SEO best practices such as punchy writing, human-readable URLs and meta-data, this approach generates powerful results..

“We’ve returned to an era where companies must be transparent, and forthcoming with thought leadership,” Whiteman wrote. “Your company must not only have rave-worthy products, killer customer service, and a great on-site user experience, but also relevant online (and offline) publications that validate your subject matter expertise.”

Leveraging these tactics, and others, will produce authentic and resonant content, and woo international customers, Whiteman wrote.

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