Campaign Boosts Conversion 708%

  • Bosch is one of the largest companies in Germany

  • However, nearly 70% of its revenue is generated internationally

  • Bosch Tools’ Hispanic market penetration in North America is growing with the help of MotionPoint

  • One MotionPoint-optimized campaign boosted participation among US Hispanics in North America


“MotionPoint makes it really easy for us to extend our reach and build the brand in markets we’ve not served well historically.”
—Marco Andon, Online Marketing Manager, Bosch Tools


Understanding the importance of cross-border sales, German manufacturer Bosch opened its first international office in 1898 — a mere two years after the company was founded. Today, Bosch is a $62 billion success story that ranks #155 on Fortune magazine’s 2014 list of the world’s largest companies.(1)

That kind of long-term success doesn’t happen by accident. It’s the product of a corporate culture that recognizes and quickly responds to the evolving needs of the markets it serves ... and nimbly adopts new technologies to help it stay ahead of the competition.



One way Bosch succeeds internationally is by efficiently localizing its brand websites for each market. Bosch also maximizes sales by optimizing these local sites to best-serve customers with resonant localizations, corporate communications and more. In 2010, Bosch began working with MotionPoint to translate and optimize several of its sites to further penetrate new markets in North America.



The sites have been very successful, by powering seamless brand engagement across markets, showcasing world-class products, driving incremental traffic to retailers, and increasing brand awareness in new markets through organic search and local market engagement. To help achieve these goals, MotionPoint and Bosch Tools tested and executed several optimization campaigns.

One promotional campaign on Bosch Tools, which targeted the large Spanish-speaking population in the US, aimed to increase email opt-ins. The result: MotionPoint increased email opt-ins by an astounding 708%.

(1) 2014 Fortune Global 500


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