A Platform That Complements, Not Competes.

We maximize the impact of your CMS, PIM and ERP software,
or investments in other existing infrastructures.

MotionPoint’s Globalization Platform enhances the impact of the solutions you already own and use. It integrates seamlessly, and securely, with your existing technologies.

Companies with large, dynamic websites especially benefit when deploying the MotionPoint platform. Our solution easily scales to tackle high volumes of text, image and application translation, and does so in astonishingly tight turnaround times.

Like other Cloud-based solutions, our approach doesn’t require complex integration with website technologies, databases, content management systems or other digital platforms.

The Globalization Platform will always remain compatible with whatever technologies you ever use, now and in the future.


Get In-Market, Quickly

Thanks to its efficient content and translation management, MotionPoint’s solution is the fastest to market.

We deliver global websites, in any language, in less than 90 days.

You won’t experience any IT integration before, during or after deployment.

MotionPoint delivers its sites on time, every time, at a fixed price. We put our delivery commitments in writing. Others providers do not.

Local Payment Integration

International customers won’t transact on sites that don’t support their local currencies or preferred payment methods.

MotionPoint’s platform helps companies integrate these platforms into their global sites, maximizing conversion rates.

Those that do have seen amazing results:

  • Conversions can rise over 200%

  • Items per transaction grow by 33%

  • Revenue increase by 210%

Infinitely Scalable

MotionPoint’s Globalization Platform uses best-in-class programming methodologies, which means there’s no duplication of code or effort. One codebase and one infrastructure guarantees that your localized sites can be deployed quickly and easily.

Launch locally optimized sites, in as many markets as you wish. MotionPoint’s globalization platform makes it easy.

We effortlessly operate 47 sites, in nearly as many languages, for one visionary client.

MotionPoint’s platform can also function as your organization’s central multi-lingual CMS, or can tie into your existing enterprise translation memory or PIM.


Lowest Cost Of Ownership, Highest ROI

As documented by Forrester, one client experienced $3 million in cost savings using MotionPoint’s platform.

MotionPoint is fanatically dedicated to using innovative technologies in groundbreaking ways to dramatically reduce your translation costs.

Thanks to these industry-exclusive efficiencies, our platform delivers the market’s lowest total cost of ownership.

When combined with our suite of business optimization services, we also deliver the market’s highest ROI. MotionPoint’s customers are happy customers.

Our client renewal rate is an astonishing 98%.


Cost Saving


Client Renewal Rate


Flexible Hosting Options

MotionPoint’s platform accommodates numerous reliable hosting options to guarantee a perfect fit within your organization. We offer cloud-based, geo-load-balanced and on-premises configurations.

The solution can be managed by MotionPoint, or by your internal team. With proper training, your company’s translators can oversee the ongoing website localization process.