Localizing your website is one of the best ways to build worldwide brand awareness.

But as a marketer, you know your company likes to run a tight ship. Website translation is usually seen as risky and needless expense.

It’s hard to champion the cause of website translation when you don’t know how to address the risks and costs. But our new e-book can help you understand the need for website translation, and offers ways to tackle eight common challenges, including:

  • Considering the needs of your global sales team
  • Controlling translation costs with smart technology
  • Easing the burden of marketing and IT teams
  • Protecting product names and trademarks

You’ll also discover the value of adopting an efficient translation approach that minimizes your effort—while maximizing quality and speed.

Download this e-book containing:

  • Insights into serving your global sales & marketing teams—and customers
  • Ways to leverage translation for post-sales support
  • Information about global regulatory compliance
  • Advice on finding translation solutions that eliminate effort and reduce costs

Remember: Finding a vendor that combines human expertise and efficient technology solutions can ease the burden on your lean teams, and offers the best opportunity for success with market expansion. You can get the full story in our e-book.

Download the e-book

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