Proprietary Approach
Brilliant Technology
Passionate Experts
Global Success. Fast.
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Top brands rely on MotionPoint to power their mission-critical global websites:

  • ASOS
  • Urban Outfitters
  • Amtrak
  • Holland America

Proprietary Approach

Plan. Launch. Optimize.

The world’s top brands demand world-class results. MotionPoint makes it happen.

Our proprietary globalization approach - Plan, Launch, Optimize is battle-tested, proven and cost-effective. The best part? You’ll achieve global success. Fast.

Brilliant Technology

Under the hood of MotionPoint’s online globalization platform is a supercharged engine that delivers rock-solid, super-secure performance. Hundreds of the world’s most heavily trafficked websites depend on our technology, and the measurable benefits it delivers, every day.

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Enterprise Translation

Talent. Technology. Trust. Top Languages.

A different approach. Most translation providers offer “transactional translation”. Not MotionPoint. Your website is constantly changing … your translation team at MotionPoint is not.

We assemble a team that breathes your brand – and communicates it in the markets that matter to you day after day.

Online. Offline. Technical. Legal. Brand. Imagery. Voice. Interpretation. MotionPoint does it all … and provides an enterprise solution you can trust to maximize quality, speed, and savings.

How do we do it?

Passionate Experts

MotionPoint manages globalized websites for hundreds of clients in dozens of industries. We empower these organizations to connect with new international markets quickly, easily and affordably.

It’s hard work for us “MotionPointers.” We do business at a busy intersection: web technologies, languages and translations, IT security, cultural diversity, online metrics, user behavior, marketing, and many other disciplines.

It takes talent and experience to deliver on our goal - in disciplines such
as: Development.

Thankfully, we really love this stuff.

MotionPoint employees hail from every continent in the world. (Okay, except for Antarctica - but we’re working on that!) And while our backgrounds and skills vary widely, we are united in an unwavering commitment to deliver world-class website experiences for all Internet users, regardless of the country they live in, or the language they speak.

About MotionPoint

MotionPoint was founded in 2000, in a 10’ x 30’ office space in Boca Raton, Florida. The carpet might have been dingy, but the minds and attitudes were bright.

Despite such humble beginnings, MotionPoint quickly grew into a successful global technology company and industry leader. The company is still based in South Florida - just 10 miles southwest from its first office.

MotionPoint’s first globalized website debuted on November 1, 2003. The next year, MotionPoint launched 15 more sites. By 2007, MotionPoint was launching more than 100 new globalized websites every year, in dozens of industries. Today, MotionPoint operates over 1,500 globalized websites every day, serving billions of translated market-relevant webpages, every year.

The world’s largest brands trust MotionPoint to not only translate and manage their mission-critical websites, but also increase their growth in new online markets around the world. MotionPoint leverages its proprietary technologies, in-market expertise, and proprietary user-behavior data to deliver Global Success. Fast.