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MP Express Benefits
  • Translation Editing and Collaboration
  • Language Toggle
  • Automatic Website Translation
  • AI Translation
  • Custom Scope of Multilingual Website
  • No-Code Set-Up
  • Built for Marketers
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  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Unlimited Edits
  • Free Unique Wordcount
  • Free 14 Day Trial
  • No Credit Card Required

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Superior to Google Translate
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Free Word Count Calculation
Edit Scope of Website Translation
Free 14 Day Trial
Language Toggle
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(Javascript Proxy) Browser-Based Proxy

(MP Core) Server-Based Proxy

Live Translation Edits and Control
Automatic Translation

JS-Proxy Standard


Translation Quality

AI Translation

Multilingual SEO



Subdirectory Publishing
Glossary Manager
Custom Style Guide
Global Site Map
Memory Manager
QA Scripts Automation
On-Site Search Manager
Services and Support

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Online and Email

Human Post-Editing
Layout Adjustment
Visual QA Support
Customer Success Manager
Web Engineering
SEO Keyword Research for Glossary
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*Set-up fees are $299 per language.

“By partnering with MotionPoint we've met our regulatory requirements and enhanced operational efficiency and customer engagement, setting a new standard in the aviation industry.”

Eric Silver, Digital Engagement Lead, YEG

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What’s included in my Free Trial?

Your Free 14-day Trial includes up to 10,000 translated words in one language starting with your home page. No credit cards are collected until you choose to publish your translated website. During the trial, you have access to unlimited seats to review and edit translations with your peers. You will also receive a total word count for your website and the ability to exclude certain web pages from the project’s scope of work. After 14 days your translated site will be de-provisioned.

How to edit my translations?

You can edit your translations by clicking ‘Edit’ under the ‘Manage Translations’ tab on the left side of your dashboard.

What is the number of translated words and how is it calculated?

Our engine crawls your entire website and provides a unique count of total translatable words.

How to exclude URLs/blocks/words from translation?

You can manage page inclusions and exclusions under Plans & Pricing tab on the left of your dashboard.

How is MP Express pricing calculated?

To calculate your ideal package, we multiply the unique number of translatable words from your website times the amount of languages you require. For $69 / per month, you get up to 50,000 words translated on your website for your first language. Your second language starts at $100 per language.

How can I pause/cancel my subscription?

You can manage your subscription by logging into your account and editing your subscription preferences under the ‘Subscription’ section on the left side of your dashboard.

Can users organically reach my translated website during the Free Trial?

No. The only way to view a Free Trial multilingual website is to share a link directly.

What if I go over my word count in the Free Trial?

MP Express actively tracks your unique word count scope and shows you when you are close to your limit. Your account won’t be able to go over the limit by mistake. You can always upgrade your account subscription to your changing needs.

What happens after the Free Trial?

After your Free Trial you can either purchase a subscription which will enable you to publish your website under your domain or your Free Trial will be deprovisioned.

Can I upgrade to another package?

You can always upgrade your subscription even if your word count is below the thresholds. Create an account for more information!

How is MP Express superior to Google Translate?

The advantage of Google Translate’s machine translation is the speed at which translations are provided. MP Express is superior because its AI translation and editing capabilities help Marketers publish higher quality translations at the same speed as Google Translate (which does not offer editing features.)

What is the difference between MP Concierge vs. MP Express?

MP Concierge is not a browser-based website translation tool like MP Express. This unlocks higher quality translations, superior multilingual SEO capabilities, and a level of support with quality assurance and web engineering that’s unparalleled to any other solution on the market. Learn more about MP Concierge here!

What is the difference between MP Express’ JS Proxy vs. and MP Concierge’s server-based proxy?

Server-based proxy solutions, like MP Concierge, translate content on the server before it reaches the user's browser, ensuring consistency, security, and better SEO optimization. Browser-based proxies, using tools like JavaScript, translate content in the user's browser, which can be quicker but may lead to inconsistencies, security concerns, and additional maintenance. While server-based proxies offer a more robust and integrated solution for complex websites, browser-based proxies provide a more flexible, albeit potentially less reliable, option for simpler translation needs.

Why trust MotionPoint?

MotionPoint stands out in the website translation industry as the first developer of the reverse-proxy approach. With more than two decades of experience and a roster of impressive clients, MotionPoint brings extensive expertise and a proven track record of consistent reliability in delivering top-notch web translation solutions.
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