Providing a fully localized CX means translating your customer portal.

Translation vendors claim they can localize these important secure sites, but in truth, nearly all are outclassed by the project’s complex technical and operational demands.

Our new e-book provides eight key ways that portal translation projects can fall short, and valuable insights for avoiding those risks.

In it, you’ll discover:

  • Why translating these experiences is notoriously challenging
  • How complex web applications can derail localization efforts
  • How ‘word growth’ creates UX issues that alienate customers

You’ll also learn about turn-key solutions that can sidestep these challenges, and more—while making it effortless, cost-efficient and secure to localize your secure login areas.

Download this e-book containing:

  • Why custom-built CRM and portal platforms confuse most translation vendors
  • How traditional vendors may fall short when it comes to digital security
  • How proxy-based translation solutions eliminate these risks

Remember: Choose a portal translation approach that delivers a perfectly functioning, perfectly localized—and secure—customer experience.

Download the e-book

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