Companies experience UX localization issues when their websites weren't designed with translation in mind.

These unforeseen problems—such as partially-translated content and compromised functionality—often alienate global customers, and send them to competing brands that offer superior localized experiences.

Our new e-book can help your designers and developers sidestep these costly challenges by offering best practices such as:

  • Unique ways to design websites to accommodate the nuances of localization
  • How to avoid potential functional disruptions and design problems
  • Coding considerations for multimedia and omnichannel content

Discover how properly prepping your site for translation can prevent needless costs and restructuring down the road.

Download this e-book containing:

  • Critical info on a common side-effect of translation that can break page designs
  • Advice on how to address front-end and back-end functionality to accommodate localization
  • Considerations for international SEO

Remember: When designers ignore these best practices, it can ultimately lead to customer confusion—and may even drive them away for good.

Download the e-book

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