Website translation can be pricey for the unprepared.

Most companies aren’t willing to translate every scrap of content and functionality of their primary-market site for global customers. At least, not right out of the gate.

Fortunately, proven methods and technologies can help you control the scope of your website translation project. Learn about a thoughtful approach that can save you money while delivering a satisfying experience to local customers:

  • Determine how to identify your business goals and target audiences
  • Understand how to prioritize the right website content for translation
  • Discover the ways great vendors can tighten your project scope and costs

When your company launches a localized website, it’s hugely important to meet the expectations and preferences of local customers. Get the intelligence you need to make that happen—all within your project budget.

In this e-book, you’ll read about:

  • How different business goals determine what content to localize
  • Situations where machine translation may be appropriate
  • Technologies for granular control over translation scope and type

Remember: Technology streamlines website translation, eliminates effort and reduces costs. Great vendors can help you make the decisions to find the right translation scope for your project.

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