When you’re first planning a full-scale translation of your flagship website, the first question you’re likely to ask is:

Just how much money is this going to take?

MotionPoint has perfected the art and science of scoping your website translation project, thanks to an approach that leverages human expertise and the most advanced technology on the market. This new e-book illustrates the importance of:

  • Scope accuracy, and how traditional approaches cause costly “scope creep”
  • Why a flexible approach to scoping can streamline and effectively scale translation processes
  • The advantage of using advanced technologies to translate the most complex sites

Learn why MotionPoint’s approach to scoping your website translation saves you time, money and frustration—and delivers the highest quality localized websites, every time.

Download our new ebook containing:

  • How to avoid “guesstimate” approaches to project scoping that inevitably cost you money
  • How expert involvement helps you prioritize the content you need to translate
  • How to anticipate your site’s growth in the future as part of your project planning

Remember: MotionPoint deploys purpose-built technology and algorithms on your site that quickly and accurately evaluate the scope of its content.

Download the e-book

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