Fifteen years ago, websites were uncomplicated things.

Back then, they were pretty easy to translate for global customers. Simple technologies could easily get the job done.

But websites have changed a great deal. Your translation technology should evolve, too.

We’ll walk you through why you should consider a more advanced approach to translation through the turn-key proxy approach, including:

  • Why dynamic content translation creates a massive challenge—and workload—for your technology teams
  • The importance of translation memory for tackling multilingual sites at scale
  • How you can break through the challenge of translating multimedia and third-party content once and for all … and do it automatically

In this e-book, you’ll learn:

  • How your current translation methodologies are likely to stumble when it comes to sophisticated websites
  • Why translating dynamic content creates such hassle and expense
  • Why a turn-key proxy approach makes translating constantly-changing content simpler, easier and more cost-effective

Remember: Your multilingual website is one of the most important assets for your global business. Don’t let the complexities of website personalization and dynamic content slow you down as you tackle new international markets.

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