Recent breakthroughs in AI are making machine translation more accurate than ever.

Thanks to these innovations, neural machine translation (NMT) technologies now provide a viable way to translate your digital customer experience for international markets.

Our latest e-book provides insights into this game-changing technology, including:

  • How NMT reduces translation costs
  • How its near-natural translations help with international SEO
  • Its ability to localize social media content
  • Its positive business impact, especially when combined with superior human translation

Experts predict that NMT is the future of digital localization. This primer can help you strategize your digital translation needs—and how human translation may still play a critical role in it.

Download this e-book containing:

  • Ways to use NMT to minimize cost and risk when serving global markets
  • Insights into the current shortcomings of NMT
  • The challenges of “teaching” a NMT system

Remember: NMT isn’t perfect—yet. Businesses should consider a hybrid approach that combines NMT with the unparalleled fluency and expertise of professional translators.

Download the e-book

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