Discover the most practical, efficient and effective solution for website translation.

There are several ways to translate your website for global markets. But only one—the proxy-based approach—efficiently addresses the challenges you’ll face as you enter and continually serve new markets.

Learn more in this free e-book. It explains how the fully turn-key proxy-based approach:

  • Accelerates the time to market, a key factor in success
  • Delivers translation quality and consistency across your all channels
  • Eliminates work for your team at launch and ongoing
  • Aligns with your business goals to maximize success

As you examine the marketplace for website translation solutions, consider vendors that offer the proxy approach. This technically advanced solution reduces effort, operational complexity and costs.

In this e-book, you’ll learn:

  • How CMSs fall short during the day-to-day rigors of website translation
  • How many vendors’ business models are designed to maximize your translation spend, not reduce it
  • How superior, fully turn-key solutions can put you on the fast-track to global business success

Remember: Serving your international customers with proxy-powered localized websites gives your company a competitive global advantage. It increases brand awareness and trust, and conversion rates.

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