Localizing your website seems like a smart play when you’re expanding into new markets.

However, many tech-savvy, mobile-first customers in emerging markets prefer virtual marketplaces hosted by third parties over company websites. To win these customers, you’ll need to adapt.

In this e-book, you’ll:

  • Understand virtual marketplaces and their role in international e-commerce
  • Discover the virtual marketplace landscape of several emerging markets
  • Explore the world of offsite social commerce
  • Prepare to seize new e-commerce opportunities

MotionPoint’s industry-leading expertise can help you understand the changing nature of commerce in international markets.

This e-book helps you:

  • Parse differences between the shopping cultures in various markets
  • Understand when and how to translate your online presence
  • Leverage third-party sales channels

Remember: Capitalizing on opportunities in global markets requires understanding local customers and how they research, evaluate and buy products. Be ready to reach them in the channels they use.

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