Your internal capabilities have far-reaching implications.

Building and operating a translated website that’s accurate, up-to-date and relevant to your target market involves multiple steps, inter-departmental cooperation and specialized expertise.

Manage the site effectively, and you support business goals such as increasing market share and boosting brand awareness.

Manage it poorly and you risk confusing customers, frustrating your sales reps and partners, and annoying the IT team.

This e-book identifies website management challenges, and explores:

  • The resources you should consider before you start a translation project
  • The roles and responsibilities of marketing, web development and IT
  • How technology solutions can streamline translation projects

Analyzing your current resources to identify the best ways to fill critical gaps in resources and knowledge is critical for your multilingual website project to succeed.

Download this short e-book containing:

  • An overview of the departments and roles required for website management
  • The business implications of ineffective multilingual site management
  • Common scenarios that can be improved with the right technology

Remember: Each organization has website management assets and liabilities. The trick is maximizing one and minimizing the other—and finding the ways to let technology bridge the gap.

Download the e-book

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