Building a localized website doesn’t guarantee international customers will engage with it.

Successful market penetration requires research, a localized strategy for communicating your brand, and additional techniques for connecting with new audiences—such as international SEO and customized content.

All that work requires specialized skills and knowledge that your in-house team may not have.

A careful process of research and planning—with the help of an experienced translation partner—can help ensure your company knows what your new customers need, and that your localized sites have the tools to connect with them.

In this e-book, you’ll learn to develop a global marketing strategy by:

  • Understanding the characteristics of ideal markets
  • Finding an experienced translation partner to help you communicate with those markets seamlessly
  • Going the extra mile to optimize the user experience for international customers

Taking the time to crawl, walk, and then run with your company’s expansion into new markets will support its global success.

This e-book can help you:

  • Optimize translated content for regional and local search engines
  • Spot opportunities to localize your digital CX
  • Discover extra ideas to create a next-level global marketing strategy

Remember: As you expand into global markets, make sure to partner with a vendor that has the technology and creative expertise to deliver a fully localized experience.

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