Is your organization looking to grow internationally?

If so, relying on a localized corporate website to market and sell your products and services may not be the right strategy.

Our new white paper, Beyond the Website, will help you understand the market dynamics of third-party e-commerce channels.

Depending upon your target markets, virtual marketplaces (or virtual malls) and offline social e-commerce may be the channels preferred by consumers. For instance:

  • Chinese consumers favor two virtual marketplaces—Tmall and JD Mall.
  • South Korean shoppers gravitate to Naver, a search engine that offers an experience similar to Google Shopping.

Meanwhile, offline social e-commerce is on the rise as major social networks add purchasing capabilities to their platforms. Consumers can enjoy a one-click buying experience, guided by the advice of loved ones, without leaving their favorite social channel.

Download this e-book containing:

  • E-commerce trends in three key international markets
  • The relationship between third-party channels and localized corporate sites
  • The best way to take advantage of virtual malls and social e-commerce
  • How translation vendors can accelerate participation in these new channels

Remember: As the e-commerce arena shifts to address global consumer preferences, you can get a head start in emerging markets by embracing these new sales channels.

Download the e-book

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