Localizing multimedia website content for global customers is harder than it sounds.

That’s because it requires the right blend of technology and expertise.

Today’s websites are complex things, that contain complicated multimedia assets such as videos, images and interactive applications. These elements can be tricky for most translation solutions to successfully detect and localize.

But there are ways to sidestep the challenges and costs associated with multimedia translation. You can learn those best practices in this free e-book. Gain insights into:

  • Developing guides for localizing key terms and brand verbiage
  • Best practices for translating images, videos, PDFs and web applications
  • Preserving SERP and SEO keywords across languages and markets
  • Maintaining design consistency on multilingual websites
  • Selecting a best-in-class translation vendor

Discover how localizing your website’s multimedia is crucial for delivering excellent on-site customer experiences for global customers.

Download this e-book containing:

  • Tips for streamlining the localization of multimedia assets
  • Coding best practices for redesigns and multilingual websites
  • What to look for in an ideal translation partner

Remember: Following coding and design best practices for websites and multimedia assets makes translation work fast and simple.

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