Don’t turn your marketers into translators.

Companies often assign their in-country marketing managers the task of translating their websites for local markets. This is a mistake.

Translating website and multichannel content is complex and demanding, and requires special skills—skills those marketers don’t have. Burdening local marketers with translation duties can backfire, affecting your international growth and your staff’s productivity.

Learn how to sidestep those risks in our new ebook. In it, you’ll discover:

  • The complicated and time-consuming processes facing your marketers, should you assign them website translation duties
  • How website discoverability and lead-gen opportunities can suffer, due to subpar translations
  • Solutions that shift translation responsibilities away from in-country marketers

Today’s technology-driven offerings, such as turn-key proxy-based solutions, can relieve your marketers from heavy and complicated workloads—and help them focus on what they’re best at.

Download this e-book containing:

  • How to focus your marketing managers’ skills and time on marketing, not translation
  • How to avoid business risks from sub-standard translations
  • How to ensure the content and functionality of your localized website are fully translated

Remember: Putting the task of translation into the hands of professional linguists with superior technologies delivers efficiency, accuracy, speed and scalability … while preserving your marketing team’s sanity.

Download the e-book

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