Search engines have changed how they rank websites, based on how those sites display on smartphones.

This mobile-first reality is making a big impact on how companies engage global customers.

Are you ignoring the mobile opportunity? Our new e-book provides insights and actionable advice on:

  • Making your global sites improve SERP in regional search engines
  • Improving load times for slow networks in global markets
  • Optimizing your localized mobile site for conversions

Companies that don’t embrace mobile-first best practices on their localized sites drop from local search results, fast. That affects traffic, engagement and revenue.

Download this e-book containing:

  • How smartphone adoption is radically changing global Internet use
  • How search engines are changing to reflect increased usage of the mobile web
  • How to quickly adapt to the mobile-first landscape

Remember: If you aren’t optimizing your global sites and marketing for mobile users, it’s not too late. By embracing the right best practices, you can start succeeding right away.

Download the e-book

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