Companies overlook a key business opportunity when they neglect to localize their secure portal sites.

Translating portals ensures that buyers, employees and business partners enjoy an experience that can reduce customer service costs; deliver critical product information to buyers, distributors and resellers; and easily distribute HR and training content.

It’s practically impossible for most translation solutions to localize portals. Our new e-book provides insights into what to look for in an ideal portal localization solution, such as:

  • Provides an approach that actively reduces costs
  • Operates independently of a portal’s system, ensuring full compatibility with the portal’s tech stack
  • Easily handles complex single-page applications and dynamic content
  • Offers world-class security to protect private customer and employee data

Serving global customers the right way includes creating an engaging, secure and personalized localized UX in the languages they prefer.

Download this e-book containing:

  • A breakdown of the opportunity costs associated with not localizing secure portals
  • The value of using a platform-agnostic translation approach
  • The importance of using a solution that can parse secure website applications

Remember: Look for a vendor that can offer a solution that makes it effortless and cost-efficient to securely localize your secure portal experiences.

Download the e-book

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