There is immense value in content every global audience can understand.

Whether you operate an international business or strive to break into a new market overseas, there’s power in a website that caters to multilingual content.

However, a website that’s available in multiple languages shouldn’t rely on Google translate, which is notorious for bad translations—nor should it leverage an employee who speaks the native language in place of a professional translator.

Effective website localization requires a quality translation service that can deploy a team of human translators to capture nuance and tone and save costs with machine translation technology.

A highly localized website will incur initial and ongoing costs like any valuable investment. Yet, when you unlock access to a new global market, a translation project’s return on investment (ROI) can reward your organization ten-fold.

In this e-book, you will discover everything you need to know to evaluate translation ROI, including:

  • The different methods of evaluating localization ROI
  • The factors influencing the cost of translation and localization
  • The metrics to target depend on your localization strategy

Will Your Translation and Localization Efforts Pay Off?

Many business executives and marketers look at translation ROI through a singular lens, which compares the amount of money spent directly to how much profit was brought in.

The reality is that many of today’s marketing investments—including translation and localization efforts—may not drive revenue in the current month or even in the quarter.

But that certainly does not mean that translation and localization don’t pay off.

Organizations that opt for a localization strategy area 1.5 times more likely to report a total revenue increase and 2.5 times more likely to experience year-over-year revenue growth.

75% of Fortune 500 companies have established their presence in new markets due to localization services. In addition, those who invested in translation to drive an advantage over competitors were more than two times more likely to see an increase in profits.

With a transparent translation partner, you too can reap the rewards of translation ROI.

Download this e-book to receive: 

  • Insights about the hidden costs that can impact translation ROI
  • Valuable information about the time-investment payoff anticipated with website translation
  • How the opportunity costs of not investing in localization compare to the benefits

Remember: Numerous factors influence the cost of website translation, particularly the level and quality of the services you choose. Low translation rates usually cost more in the long run.

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