Multilingual CMSs can’t deliver on the promise of an all-in-one website translation solution.

Unfortunately, they lack the robust capabilities needed to effectively translate and update complex websites.

Our new e-book reveals why these solutions fall short in key areas, including:

  • Weak translation workflows and translation workbenches
  • Lack of change detection and in-context editing tools
  • Inability to access web content in certain formats and online locations
  • Poor scalability

CMSs are ideal for managing your flagship primary-market website, but not for supporting rapid growth in new markets. For that, you need purpose-built solutions that deliver world-class website translation and management.

Download this e-book containing:

  • The risks of manual website translation management
  • The costly iterative revision processes that plague most multilingual CMSs
  • How CMSs can’t translate applications powered by AJAX and AngularJS

Remember: Look for solutions that work smoothly with your CMS to maximize your translation investment, while reducing effort and costs.

Download the e-book

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