Translating your website for global markets can result in jaw-dropping sticker shock.

That’s because the complexity of website localization generates unanticipated costs.

Have you considered the many different aspects of web translation, and their tangible and intangible costs? Our e-book provides food for thought on:

  • Workforce costs, such as lost productivity when staff assume additional responsibilities
  • Costs of comprehensive translation, namely the extra effort to extract and translate obscure but vital web components
  • Business costs, including the failure to meet targets for the new market due to translation delays

Companies that do not proactively understand web translation costs can receive an unpleasant wake-up call when they least expect it.

Download this e-book covering:

  • Major categories of hidden costs, and how you will end up paying more
  • Explanations of the intensive, complicated processes behind website translation
  • Technology-based solutions that can reduce complexity and control costs

Remember: Unless you’re a veteran at launching and operating translating websites, you’re probably unaware of the impact a website localization project can create across your organization. Get smart to reduce effort and costs.

Download the e-book

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