Most translated content looks awful when it’s displayed on a webpage.

Why? The translation processes most vendors use are deeply flawed. They translate text that’s been removed from the text’s original online presentation. This results in translations that are clumsy, or are disconnected from other critical elements on the page. This unprofessional appearance poses risks for growing companies. This e-book reveals how MotionPoint’s approach is different, and better. In it, you’ll learn about:
  • Our proprietary tool that provides linguists with a real-time “live view” of webpages as they translate them
  • How they determine if any translations may compromise a webpage’s design
  • How it empowers translators to make subtle—but critical—decisions about word choice, brand voice and phrasing
MotionPoint’s superior “in context” approach to translation helps guarantee that translated content resonates with its intended audiences.
Download this e-book containing:
  • Clear explanations of the risks of conventional website translation
  • How “in context” translation tools avoid costly design issues
  • How superior change-detection technology complements MotionPoint’s approach
Remember: The best website translation solutions preserve important elements of your brand voice and user experience. Download the e-book

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