Achieve brand consistency across all languages and channels.

MotionPoint’s API empowers you to leverage the power of your project’s translation memory whenever you wish to localize your content for multichannel use. Translation memory is a special database that contains all of your translated content with MotionPoint.

Maximize your global reach. Minimize your translation spend.

Using MotionPoint’s translation memory reduces costs and preserves your brand voice across all channels. With our API, you can effortlessly and affordably reach global customers in their channels of choice.

Versatile Connectivity

You have a direct integration between our translation platform and your CMS, PIM and other content systems.

Fastest Turnaround

Previously translated content is delivered via API at no cost. New content is translated within one business day.

Brand-Perfect Messaging

You can preserve brand consistency with high-quality translations repurposed for omnichannel assets.

A technology solution for all use cases.

Our API’s capabilities enable you to localize content in any channel, with any system you use.

Harmonized Messaging and Branding

Use MotionPoint’s API to translate content for use in any channel, including:

PIMs for product feeds in other markets

Social media

Customer support content

Offline documents for local sales teams and customers

Printed and digital assets for brick-and-mortar stores

Localized advertisements

Email newsletters or promotions

How It’s Different from Connectors

Our API provides a pipeline between MotionPoint and your system that you configure to fit your unique needs.

This eliminates the risks associated with CMS connectors, which are generally:

Designed for common CMS use cases, not customized CMS instances like yours

Brittle and vulnerable to problems after CMS or security updates

A drain on resources, since they require costly and time-consuming fixes to ensure reliability

The ideal solution for localizing omnichannel.

MotionPoint’s API delivers a flexible, efficient and affordable solution to the problem of multichannel translation.

Low-Maintenance Technology

Our API doesn’t require intense ongoing effort or supervision. We provide continuous maintenance and upgrades to our API endpoints and supporting technology.

Do More for Less

It enables you to broadly expand your market reach, reinforce your brand message and build customer trust—all without increasing your team size or technology spend.

Maximize Cost Savings

Previously translated content is delivered at no additional cost. You’re only charged for translations when new phrases are detected within the content you submit via the API.

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