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We Capture Your Brand’s Personality

At the beginning of your localization project, our ISO-certified translation team—which specializes in your industry—works with you to craft a style guide and glossary.

These linguistic rulebooks will ensure we accurately and consistently represent your unique brand voice in other markets and languages.

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Brand Voice
Translate Memory
Content Analyze
We Analyze Your Content

Our technology routes your site’s translatable content, stored as optimized segments, to a database called translation memory.

Each segment is compared to the previously-translated content that’s already stored in your translation memory.

If the segment has already been translated, it’s ignored

Previously-translated segments are instantly published at no cost to you

If the content is new, it’s queued for rapid translation by our linguists

We Translate with Superior Tools

Our linguists use a contextual translation tool that provides them a “live view” of how text, images and multimedia appear together on a webpage. This contextual integrity helps them deliver an excellent user experience for your customers.

Using MotionPoint’s solution isn’t exclusive to our linguists. Your translation team can use our technologies and tools, too.

We Deliver Nuanced Translations

To provide a relevant experience for your global customers, our linguists craft translations that resonate within specific markets to improve on-site engagement.

We also use culturally-relevant SEO terms to increase your site’s rank in local search results.

MotionPoint employs world-class professional linguists who craft consistent, brand-perfect translations.

We also offer a hybrid approach: Human translation is used for highly-trafficked pages where messaging is crucial, while machine translation is used for less brand-sensitive content.

We can also leverage machine translation to reduce costs.

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Quality Assurance
We Conduct Thorough Linguistic and Design Reviews

Translations are reviewed by editors, and revised if needed. They can also be quickly modified in real-time to ensure they display properly within your website’s design and navigation.

After your translated website is launched, MotionPoint’s translators continue to perform these tasks every day, as you publish new content on your website.

We typically translate this new content in one business day.

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Save on Cost
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Superior Value
We Minimize Your Translation Spend

All newly-translated segments are stored in your translation memory database for future re-use on your website and beyond, at no additional cost to you.

We then display this content on your global websites when your global customers request it.

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