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A Better Way to Determine Scope for Your Website Translation Project

How MotionPoint delivers superior accuracy—and value.

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Ashley Erumsele

July 02, 2018


When it comes to pricing website translation projects, most translation vendors quickly review your site, approximate its word count, and give you a ballpark estimate. Translation costs are based on how many words they think require translation.

But this approach is antiquated and inaccurate when it comes to website localization. All too often, the actual project scope is much larger than estimated. Further, vendors like to ding you for translating identical content that’s repeated in hundreds of places on your site … but only needs to be translated once. There are other gotchas, too.

MotionPoint has a far better, accurate way of scoping website translation projects. It’s all thanks to our advanced technology and industry-leading human expertise.

The Importance of Accuracy

MotionPoint deploys purpose-built technology and algorithms on your site that quickly and accurately evaluate the scope of its content.

Our content-detection technologies scan your site for all translatable text, images and multimedia. We also identify identical content that appears in multiple places throughout your website, which only needs to be translated once. This dramatically reduces the number of translatable words in the project’s scope, and costs.

Our approach ultimately results in an estimate that is far more accurate than traditional approaches.

And unlike traditional translation vendors, MotionPoint’s methodology and pricing isn’t based on translation volume. We don’t need to inflate word count or look for extra website sections to translate to increase your costs.

We focus on doing the best translation for the content that needs it most, and determine the most efficient way to get it done.

Flexibility Means Efficiency

MotionPoint’s hands-on approach to scoping your project means we can be far more prescriptive about what content to include, and what not to.

From the very start, we’ll work with you to determine what content should be included in the translation project, or if we can exclude anything that doesn’t need translation. This saves you time and money from the start.

In addition, our experts can identify which areas of your site may benefit from artful human translation, and which can be easily handled through low-cost machine translation.

For example: The product titles in your inventory are important for several reasons, including SEO. Human translation of product titles ensures accuracy, nuance, and great SEO results. But for repetitive content—say, phrases like “100% cotton” or “assembly required”— machine translation can easily and quickly handle the work, resulting in time and cost-savings.

And whether content is translated by humans or software, it is all stored in your translation memory, a comprehensive database of your project’s translated content. This is instantly accessible for use on the website, or in other ways—such as for marketing emails, social media or offline documents.

That means you translate content once, pay for it once, and use it as many times as needed—at no additional cost.

Translation That Scales with Your Business

These days, it’s rare to build a website that won’t change from week to week … or even hour to hour. Today’s ever-evolving websites often include:

  • Updates to product inventory
  • Timely campaign content from your marketing teams
  • Complex, intricate content variants, thanks to dynamic content and website personalization

Our proprietary content- and change-detection technologies automatically detect new content when you add it to your flagship website, without your teams having to capture, tag and queue that content for translation. That includes applications and dynamic content—things that other vendors often can’t detect or translate at all.

And because MotionPoint uses the industry’s most advanced proxy technology, it’s 100% future-proof. You never have to worry about updating or changing your tech stack, including your CMS or other applications. MotionPoint works with it all, now and in the future.


Other translation providers base their scope on loose estimates, which results in unexpected costs for you. That’s in their best interest, since their business models depend on it. The more content they “discover” on your site, the more you need to spend.

MotionPoint’s approach is different. We use technology that dramatically minimizes your translation spend. Our turn-key approach handles the most complicated and dynamic websites as you grow and scale in the future.

Last updated on July 02, 2018
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Ashley Erumsele

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