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Choosing a ‘Future-Proof’ Website Translation Solution

Are you expanding into new online global markets? Discover how MotionPoint’s solution effortlessly accommodates your CMS and other technologies.

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January 24, 2018


The demands of serving your global customers with a translated website can seem daunting at first. This is especially true for your IT staff, and its management team.

Security and technological compatibility matters big-time to them, especially since they must accommodate an ever-growing roadmap of needs and demands from disparate departments. They’re already strapped for time. Continually ensuring that a website translation solution plays nicely with their technology stack quickly becomes a nuisance—and a drain on resources.

Solving this challenge means investing in a solution that doesn’t just effortlessly address today’s needs, but one that can adapt to the demands of your dynamic website on an ongoing basis. You need a solution that’s future-proof.

Continually ensuring that a solution plays nicely with your technology stack is a nuisance—and a drain on IT resources.

Seeing Into the Future

MotionPoint’s solution delivers. We practically invented the modern website translation industry with our pioneering proxy-based approach. We regularly innovate our solution to meet the demands of hundreds of companies in dozens of industries.

No matter what CMS you’re using, MotionPoint’s platform-agnostic solution can easily handle website translation and localization while leveraging best practices in website optimization, technology integration, and secure development and management. Because MotionPoint’s approach operates independently of your backend website systems, you can re-platform or redesign your site with ease. The solution carries on, seamlessly.

MotionPoint’s solution operates independently of your backend systems, so you can re-platform or redesign with ease.

MotionPoint works with you to accurately scope your website translation project, leverage both machine and human technology to ensure the most authentic and contextually relevant translations possible, and store translated content in your own translation memory database for later use. (That means no more paying to translate the same content multiple times.) Over time, we work with you to estimate your site’s growth, and figure out what you’ll need to stay ahead of the global website game in the future.

We Specialize in Flexibility

At the heart of MotionPoint’s solution is industry-leading proxy technology.

This solution leverages your translation memory, as well as terminology management as well as company- and customer-specific glossaries to ensure accuracy, authenticity, and brand-faithful translations.

We’re also one of the only platforms capable of handling dynamic content; if your website features content from PIMs—or if you deploy applications to handle shopping carts, A/B testing, or location-based features that serve up user-specific content—MotionPoint can handle it all.

Our content detection crawlers and algorithms will not only recognize when new content needs to be translated, but will automatically queue it for translation and warehouse it for later use. Plus, we can detect and translate the important content that your users never see, like SEO and optimization content, structure data, tags, and more.

Our technology detects and translates the SEO-rich content your customers never see, like structure data, tags and more.

For ultimate flexibility, MotionPoint also offers an API to feed translated content to third-party marketplaces, or leverage it for omnichannel content like email, social media and offline documents. And because our technology works at the HTML-, CSS-, and JavaScript level, communicating via HTTP/HTTPS, it works effortlessly with any other technology in your digital arsenal.

MotionPoint is powerful, but it’s also secure. We’re a PCI DSS Level 1 Service Provider, and our solution is compliant with rigorous HIPAA and HITECH requirements. Our unique proxy approach means that any personal data is completely ignored by our servers, and your customers’ information is always safe and secure within your systems.


In-house translation projects can sometimes take well over a year to complete. But MotionPoint can get your international websites up and running in as little as 30 days. It takes your IT about 20 minutes to implement our solution.

MotionPoint eliminates all of the workflows and operational complexity associated with website translation. We get your multilingual sites deployed and managed in-market, fast. Once the translated sites are live, you can be as hands-on or hands-off with the ongoing content-maintenance process as you wish.

You have a global business to run; let MotionPoint take the hassle out of building, deploying and maintaining your multilingual sites. Since we have an eye on the future, you can rest assured that we’ll grow with you as your site does, and be able to keep pace with your translation and technology needs every step of the way.

Last updated on January 24, 2018
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