February 23, 2007

City of Miami Launches Spanish Capability on its Web Site


MIAMI, FL and COCONUT CREEK, FL (February 23, 2007) - The City of Miami today announced the launch of its web site (www.miamigov.com) in Spanish, offering the city’s millions of Spanish-speaking residents and visitors full access to its online resources in their preferred language.

The City of Miami is recognized as a leader in providing its population with services and materials in Spanish. The new site offers current and continuously updated Spanish-language information on government operations, public safety issues (including hurricane and flood preparedness), parks information, events, links to attractions and more. More than half of Miami residents are Hispanic.

“Any time we increase access to city services and information, it is a great accomplishment for the city,” said Pete Hernandez, City Manager. “The many Hispanics in our community, as well as all of those that visit our city, will undoubtedly find this new feature useful.”

The Spanish-language version of www.miamigov.com was launched using TransMotion® technology provided by Coconut Creek-based MotionPoint Corporation. The city simply maintains its English-language site, and MotionPoint maintains the Spanish version, which is automatically updated to reflect any changes made to the English site. With MotionPoint’s technology, there was no need for the city to build, maintain, or integrate a parallel site, and no additional city IT resources were needed.

“The City of Miami was dedicated and enthusiastic about launching its site with full Spanish capability,” said Will Fleming, CEO of MotionPoint. “We understood the quality and cost constraints that often accompany governmental initiatives, and we were pleased to offer the city the ideal solution that works within Miami’s budget and with its limited IT resources and aggressive timetable.”

The web site was translated and delivered in less than 90 days.

MotionPoint Corporation is a software and services company dedicated to making Web sites available in any language. The company serves a wide range of corporate and government clients from its headquarters in South Florida. More information about MotionPoint and its TransMotion® technology is available at www.motionpoint.com.


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