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Don’t Waste Your IT Team’s Time with Website Translation

Your team doesn’t have the bandwidth to manage additional websites in new languages. MotionPoint eliminates the effort and costs.

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June 24, 2020


Most companies recognize the value of serving global online customers with localized websites. But placing the burden of translating, deploying and operating a multilingual website on your IT team is inefficient, risky and costly.

The Problem

Your developers were hired to provide solutions to keep your flagship primary-market website running smoothly. If their workload is anything like developers’ at most other companies, they’re already overwhelmed with a backlog of tasks.

Your team doesn’t have the extra time to dedicate to managing additional websites in new languages—not to mention the work needed to set up a new server, develop solutions and workflows needed to detect, translate, and load content, build an API, and so on.

Besides time, it’s likely that the members of your IT team also lack the skills and knowledge required for these specialized tasks.

Asking your developers to take on a website translation project is an inefficient use of their time and expertise.

Asking your developers to take on such a monumental project is an inefficient use of their time and expertise, and opens a veritable Pandora’s box of risks and costs. With so many intricate technological pieces and workflows required to build and maintain a localized website, the failure of one could bring the whole thing crashing down.

The side effects can be disastrous: poor user experience from partial translation, broken conversion funnels and other preventable issues can delay or outright derail your efforts to expand to new markets.

These inefficiencies lead to ballooning costs as extra resources, solutions and technologies are brought in to patch the leaks.

Thankfully, all of these disasters can be avoided with a great localization vendor.

The Solution

There are better ways for your IT team to spend its time, and more efficient ways to deploy and operate localized websites for global markets.

MotionPoint specializes in the unique challenges of website translation, offering powerful technology-based solutions that remove the translation and operational responsibilities from your IT team. This enables them to focus on their core duties.

MotionPoint handles it all, including:

Website configuration and set-up

MotionPoint takes care of the proxy implementation, SSL certificate installation, and other steps in the configuration process. The time it takes your IT team to implement MotionPoint’s solution isn’t measured in weeks, days, or even hours. It takes about 30 minutes.

24/7/365 managed hosting solutions

MotionPoint offers several Tier 3 hosting providers based in the U.S. and the UK, ensuring 99.99% uptime. If, however, you wish to host your instance of MotionPoint’s solution and translated content, you can do so on a dedicated server, a shared server or in a global or geo-load balanced configuration. Our solution is also compatible with any configuration of CDNs.

Automated translation workflow

MotionPoint automates the translation workflow to detect new or updated content, translate it, and deploy it on localized sites typically within one business day—with no effort required on your end. This workflow includes editorial oversight, linguistic localizations, and translation of multimedia assets. Your IT team never touches this complex process.

End-to-end functional assurance

MotionPoint handles all translation, technical QA, and ensures functionality for complex sections of your websites, including navigation, secure areas and conversion flows. A dedicated software and systems engineer oversees day-to-day operation. If there is ever an issue with your localized website, MotionPoint offers support, 24/7/365.


MotionPoint’s fully turn-key proxy-based solution operates independently of your website’s technology stack and supports all technology and code, including HTML, CSS, AngularJS, JSON, AJAX and more. It’s also CMS-independent. Our solution will always work seamlessly with your website, now and in the future, so there is no vendor lock-in.

There are better ways for your team to spend its time—and more efficient ways to launch and operate localized websites.


Your IT team works tirelessly behind the scenes to keep your company’s website running smoothly. Their skills and experience are essential to maintaining a website that looks, feels, and functions flawlessly for your customers.

Don’t distract your developers from their core responsibilities with the burden of a website translation project. Instead, consider MotionPoint’s turn-key proxy solution that offers hands-off automation, end-to-end functional assurance, and seamless, high-quality online experiences through proven technology.

Last updated on June 24, 2020
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About Reagan Evans

Reagan Evans is MotionPoint’s SVP of Sales. He has a strong background in sales and data management and has nearly 10 years of executive level experience in the field. He uses his expertise in global sales, new business development, sales production, and data organization to drive MotionPoint's market expansion and new client acquisition. Evans leverages MotionPoint’s industry-leading technology to drive sales and ensure higher customer satisfaction.

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Reagan Evans

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