March 01, 2006

Exelon Launches Spanish Language Content On Its Web Site


Corporate Leader in Diversity Initiatives Responds to Needs of Spanish-Speaking Community

CHICAGO, IL and COCONUT CREEK, FL (March 1, 2006) - Exelon Corporation (NYSE: EXC), one of the country’s largest electric utility companies, recently launched Spanish language content on its corporate Web site. This content includes information about Exelon and its subsidiaries, information for Exelon’s residential customers (appearing on its ComEd and PECO divisions’ pages), and information concerning the company’s commitments to the community, diversity, environment, safety and security.

Exelon is headquartered in Chicago, which is home to the third largest Hispanic population in the United States. In addition to the Spanish Web site content, Exelon also serves its Hispanic customers by providing Spanish language customer service lines, safety inserts in customer bills and brochures. Exelon was recently recognized for its commitment to diversity by its inclusion on Latin Business Magazine’s 2005 Corporate Diversity Honor Roll.

Exelon used MotionPoint Corporation’s proprietary TransMotion® technology to deploy the Spanish language areas of the site. MotionPoint developed and owns a family of technologies designed specifically for translating Web sites. The translation requires practically no IT resources from Exelon; rather, Exelon will simply maintain its English language site exactly as it has done in the past. Updates to the site are automatically translated by MotionPoint’s technology and staff, with no formal involvement or notification required by Exelon’s IT team.

“Exelon is committed to addressing the needs of the diverse communities we serve,” said John W. Rowe, chairman, president and CEO, Exelon. “The Hispanic communities are growing rapidly in the greater Chicago and Philadelphia areas. To better meet their needs, we are offering online information in Spanish for our ComEd and PECO customers.”

“We’re pleased to help Exelon further its diversity initiatives,” said Will Fleming, CEO of MotionPoint. “Exelon’s diversity efforts are not only beneficial for its own business, but also set a positive example of inclusiveness. MotionPoint’s technology enables forward-thinking businesses to deploy translation solutions quickly and cost-effectively. Translated content no longer has to be a drain on a client’s valuable and limited internal IT resources.”

About Exelon Corporation
Exelon Corporation is one of the nation’s largest electric utilities with approximately 5.2 million customers and more than $15 billion in annual revenues. The company has one of the industry’s largest portfolios of electricity generation capacity, with a nationwide reach and strong positions in the MidWest and Mid-Atlantic. Exelon distributes electricity to approximately 5.2 million customers in northern Illinois and Pennsylvania and gas to more than 460,000 customers in the Philadelphia area. Exelon is headquartered in Chicago and trades on the NYSE under the ticker EXC.

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