April 25, 2006

Moses Cone Health System Takes Pulse of N. Carolina’s Hispanic Population With Spanish Web Site


Leading Hospital Network Aims to Reach Growing Spanish-Speaking Community

GREENSBORO, NC, and COCONUT CREEK, FL (April 25, 2006) - Moses Cone Health System, a multi-hospital system with a staff of more than 7,400 healthcare professionals and a range of outpatient services, today announced the launch of a Spanish-language version of its corporate Web site.

The translated version of the site is accessible by clicking on the “En Español” button on the Health System’s homepage at www.mosescone.com. The Web site contains information about Moses Cone Health System facilities as well as information on classes, support groups and other healthcare-related topics.

Moses Cone Health System is headquartered in Greensboro, NC, home to a large and growing Hispanic population. The Hispanic population in North Carolina accounted for more than 25 percent of the state’s population growth between 1990 and 2004. There are more than 600,000 Hispanics living in North Carolina. More than 81,000 Hispanics currently live in the area served by Moses Cone Health System. The average Hispanic household is much larger than the average non-Hispanic household and is more likely to contain children younger than 18, making Hispanics a key demographic for healthcare providers.

“A fundamental premise of quality healthcare is accessibility, something that Moses Cone Health System has always held in the highest regard,” said Tom Dorle, Vice President of Marketing for the Health System. “Making our Web site available in Spanish enables members of the Spanish-speaking community to access our information online in their native language. With MotionPoint’s technology, we were able to accomplish this without significant IT work or maintenance.”

Moses Cone Health System used MotionPoint Corporation’s proprietary TransMotion® technology to power the Spanish language areas of the site. Translation of the Moses Cone Health System Web site requires no IT resources from the Health System. The organization simply maintains its English-language site in the same fashion as it has done in the past. MotionPoint’s technology and team promptly translate updates to the site.

“Moses Cone Health System is committed to serving the needs of its growing Hispanic population, and we are pleased to help the Health System lead the way in the area of translated healthcare information,” said Will Fleming, president and CEO of MotionPoint. “Translated Web sites are clearly a benefit to any organization, but with Moses Cone Health System, the benefit extends to something far more important: contributing to the health and well-being of the community.”

About Moses Cone Health System
Moses Cone Health System is a multi-hospital system with a range of outpatient services designed to provide care for Piedmont residents throughout all stages of their lives. Residents of its primary service area of Guilford, Randolph, Rockingham and Alamance counties and the city of Kernersville depend on Moses Cone Health System for convenient, affordable and compassionate care - care delivered regardless of a patient’s ability to pay.

About MotionPoint Corporation
MotionPoint Corporation is a software and services company dedicated to making websites available in any language. The company serves a wide range of corporate and government clients from its headquarters in South Florida. For more information about MotionPoint and its TransMotion® technology, please visit www.motionpoint.com.


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