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Why MotionPoint is Tailor-Made for Lean Organizations

MotionPoint’s fully turn-key website translation solution helps digital marketers do more with less.

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Reagan Evans

August 15, 2018


Every company wants to deliver the most value for its customers while using the fewest resources. These “Lean” practices have the potential to affect practically every dimension of your business, from finance to the fast-moving world of digital marketing.

Technology is key in Lean processes because it enables teams to be more nimble, cost-effective and productive.

That’s why MotionPoint’s fully turn-key proxy solution for website translation is tailor-made for Lean organizations. It helps companies:

  • Increase market share without increasing headcount
  • Generate positive impact on revenue in traditionally underserved markets
  • Streamline internal operations and remove IT work
  • Accelerate speed-to-market

Transformative Translation

MotionPoint’s advanced proxy solution is a compelling alternative to traditional translation approaches. We completely rethought how to create, launch and operate multilingual websites—and along the way, solved the operational complexity and cost of website localization.

Instead of inefficiently building expensive, hard-to-manage standalone websites for each new market … or using expensive development-heavy connectors to publish translated content from translation vendors … MotionPoint’s solution elegantly leverages the code and translatable content of your origin website. It operates independently of your CMS and other technologies. This enables us to quickly translate and continually update multilingual sites, perfectly localized for your international audiences.

If you’ve implemented a Lean framework in your organization, MotionPoint is an ideal website translation partner to drive efficiency, quality, speed and continuity.


Lean principles emphasize making the most of the resources you have.

MotionPoint handles jobs that would otherwise be your responsibility. Instead of burdening highly trained marketing, engineering and IT staff with ongoing, time-consuming administrative tasks, MotionPoint’s turn-key solution handles the translation workflow, using sophisticated software, expert linguists and proven processes.

It’s kind to budgets as well; MotionPoint’s cloud-hosting model replaces costly capital investments in infrastructure with a predictable, cost-effective subscription.

Automated vs. Human Change Detection

MotionPoint’s change-detection technology automatically crawls your site to identify new or updated content, and queues it for immediate translation. Your team never has to manually identify, tag or route content, saving them time, money and frustration.

This new content is translated and published typically within one business day.


Lean businesses strive to reduce human error. In the world of website localization, this means presenting the highest-quality translation possible to ensure local audiences have accurate and authentic online experiences.

Although it may be tempting to ask your in-country marketing staff to translate content, the results are often inconsistent or inaccurate, and the process can take too long.

MotionPoint delivers consistent translation quality and accuracy by leveraging our professional linguists and editors, and equipping them with customized glossaries and style guides that are fluent in your industry and brand.


Different languages require varying amounts of on-screen space to say the same thing. This means a simple translated phrase can disrupt a carefully crafted webpage design. MotionPoint technology enables translators to view content within the context of the webpage and adjust it in real-time to ensure it fits existing website templates. This preserves the integrity of your online experience and brand.


Lean principles emphasize the concept of “pull,” which means customer need determines priorities, not the company’s schedule. This requires flexibility and short cycle times to stay in sync with demand.

MotionPoint’s approach of leveraging both advanced technology and human capability means our turnaround times are fast, consistent and able to adapt to the real-time demands of today’s online world.

On-Demand Content

MotionPoint stores localized content in a translation memory database, empowering our translation teams—and our customers’ marketing teams—to access and re-use this material for other marketing channels (such as print, social media, events and more). Never having to translate the same content twice means time and money saved.


The Lean principle of “flow” highlights the importance of uninterrupted production. This is critical to website localization. Delays in translation can mean visitors receive an inconsistent, impersonal experience on your site, which may lead to a loss of business.

MotionPoint’s proxy approach keeps each localized site synchronized with your origin site’s functionality and content. And because new content can be identified and translated typically within one business day, your users can always enjoy a seamless, personalized experience no matter how much the site changes.

Dynamic Content Generation

The value of web localization increases when you can personalize the content that is presented to each visitor. MotionPoint leverages information about your site visitors to serve up the right customized content in the proper local language. with no interruption to the visitor experience.


Any business—especially digital marketing—can benefit from Lean principles that focus on delivering customer value while using the fewest resources.

MotionPoint’s turn-key proxy translation technology can help you solve the operational complexity and cost that comes with traditional website translation in a fast, flexible and scalable way.

Last updated on August 15, 2018
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Reagan Evans is MotionPoint’s SVP of Sales. He has a strong background in sales and data management and has nearly 10 years of executive level experience in the field. He uses his expertise in global sales, new business development, sales production, and data organization to drive MotionPoint's market expansion and new client acquisition. Evans leverages MotionPoint’s industry-leading technology to drive sales and ensure higher customer satisfaction.

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Reagan Evans

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