Keeping the Melting Pot Healthy

  • More than 40 million Americans speak Spanish at home

  • HHS needed an efficient way to serve this rapidly growing population

  • MotionPoint delivered

“MotionPoint is simply the best at what they do. We’ve worked with others who try hard, but in my experience, nobody comes close to MotionPoint in terms of their technology, expertise and attitude.”

- Prudence Goforth, Digital Communications Division


The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is the principal U.S. agency for protecting America’s health. Its mission is to provide the building blocks that Americans need to live healthy, successful lives. Finding smart ways to use the web to communicate with citizens is critical to achieving this mission. HHS tried many approaches to serve the nation’s 40 million Spanish speakers, but none delivered on all five of its key requirements:

1. Seamlessly and accurately translate large amounts of dynamic third party content
2. Ensure the Spanish site is always synchronized with the English site
3. Deliver projects with tight timelines
4. Work within a complex and changing back-end infrastructure
5. Accomplish the above extremely cost-effectively



After extensive due diligence, HHS engaged MotionPoint. HHS chose MotionPoint because of its demonstrated ability to deliver on HHS’ five key requirements as well as MotionPoint’s experience optimizing websites for Hispanics in the U.S.



MotionPoint’s initial task was to deliver several key HHS Spanish-language websites, including:,,, and

Each of these massive localization projects was delivered in less than 60 days - significantly ahead of schedule.

MotionPoint stands out for its ability to handle large projects quickly and accurately. Thanks to this successful partnership, HHS is better able to fulfill its mission by serving critical information to millions more Spanish-speaking Americans than ever before.

- Dick Stapleton, HHS Deputy Director of Digital Communications


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