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Discover the key differences among website translation technologies and find the best fit for your localization needs.

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Understanding Website Translation

The website localization process can be difficult and time consuming. That’s why it’s crucial that you partner with a website translation company that suits ALL the needs of your organization.

It can feel overwhelming to navigate the website translation industry landscape without the help of localization professionals. That’s why our team at MotionPoint has launched webpages dedicated to helping you understand the differences among the major website translation technology providers.

You can contact our team today to learn more about what makes MotionPoint unique in the website localization space. Or, read on to learn how MotionPoint compares with another translation technology company: Smartling.

What is MotionPoint?

MotionPoint is a website translation and localization technology company that helps businesses expand their online presence and reach multilingual audiences. By combining proxy technology with advanced Adaptive Translation and teams of certified linguists, MotionPoint enables companies to efficiently and accurately translate 100% of their web content, including text, images, and multimedia elements. This allows businesses to provide a seamless and culturally relevant user experience to global customers, driving international growth and engagement while minimizing the complexities typically associated with website translation and maintenance.

What is Smartling?

Smartling is a language translation and localization platform that businesses often consider for managing multilingual content on their websites. It offers translation services and provides insights and self-serve controls over the translation workflow process. While it can be a suitable option for certain companies with substantial localization and IT resources dedicated to their translated projects, it can be challenging for companies and organizations that are tightly budgeted in managing their translated sites. As with any solution, it’s essential for businesses to carefully assess their specific requirements and expectations before deciding if Smartling aligns with their global expansion goals.

Smartling vs MotionPoint: What’s the Difference?

MotionPoint and Smartling are both website translation technology companies. However, there are a few crucial differences in how the two companies approach translation.

Where MotionPoint and Smartling Differ

Although MotionPoint and Smartling both offer proxy-based translation technologies, MotionPoint’s solution provides a big advantage to dealing with hard-to-find content that needs translation. The reason that these words can be so difficult to identify is because when translatable content is embedded in JavaScript code it is often hard to differentiate what needs translation and what does not. If this is not handled properly, it can break the functionality of the translated website and/or result in untranslated content appearing. MotionPoint’s solution seamlessly solves the dynamic content problem while Smartling requires you to have IT resources identify within the origin website’s code, the dynamic content that needs translation which can be a time-consuming process that requires ongoing maintenance as your site changes.

MotionPoint not only invented and refined proxy translation for websites, its premium concierge-level services and 24/7 customer support do it all for you. These support services from MotionPoint include a dedicated customer success rep who knows the ins and outs of your translation project, web engineering to capture and translate even the most difficult content segments, and much more.

What MotionPoint and Smartling Have in Common

MotionPoint and Smartling both utilize advanced translation technologies to support businesses in their website localization efforts. Both platforms leverage a combination of machine translation and human linguists to ensure high-quality and culturally relevant translations. Both also incorporate artificial intelligence and natural language processing algorithms to improve translation efficiency and accuracy, while also offering translation memory and glossary management functionalities, allowing businesses to maintain consistency across their localized content.

MotionPoint or Smartling: Which Solution is Right for Your Organization?

The best way to determine which solution is right for your organization is to clearly identify the goals of your translation project. MotionPoint is the premier solution for organizations that:

  • Value the quality and cultural localization of their translations
  • Are seeking to enter or explore multiple new markets
  • Don’t have large internal staff to manage translation lifecycles or dedicated IT resources to support your translated sites
  • Are seeking concierge-level, always-on translation solutions

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