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Our AEM connector provides streamlined, scalable and customizable localization management across your website while also delivering accurate, relevant translations at industry-leading speed.

Your translations, your way.

With MotionPoint’s AEM connector, you always have control over how your translations are crafted, and how your brand is presented across languages and markets.

Full Creative Control

Our connector enables you to exercise granular control over your localized content. Localize page tags, metadata, page assets, component strings and more.

Easy Translation Management

An intuitive interface empowers you to add individual webpages, or entire sections of your website, to your translation workflow. Once translation is complete, you can access Adobe’s Translation Preview to see how your translations appear on your localized site.

Full Translation Visibility

Before submitting content for translation, you’ll receive information such as the number of words that have already been translated (which will be republished at no cost), the number of new words and images that require translation, and more.

Industry-exclusive capabilities that deliver superior performance & value.

MotionPoint’s AEM connector is the most advanced in the market, with capabilities that other AEM connectors lack.

Benefits of MotionPoint’s Connector

Simple, straightforward installation

Elegant integration with MotionPoint’s translation services

Easily oversee, review and approve translations

Secure transmission and retrieval of content via API key

Translations typically delivered within one business day

Translations offered in over 40 languages

Customize settings through robust administrative controls

24 / 7 / 365 support

Technical Capabilities of MotionPoint’s Connector

Fully automated workflows that can push, receive & publish translated content

Cron batch jobs that automatically pull translated content from MotionPoint

Event Listener Notifications for all AEM translation life cycle events

Supports AEM XML formats

Support for translation of all AEM Image formats

Support for i18n dictionary translation within the connector workflow

With MotionPoint’s AEM connector,
integration is flawless for marketing teams.

Our flexibility AEM connector integration enables personalized and complex websites to be translated and localized into any language.

Unparalleled Value

Supports AEM Cloud Service and On-premise integration, which allow customers to configure automation rules, establish workflow preferences, maintain brand assets accross all of AEM instances.

Cost Savings & Quality

Our AEM connector integrate with MotionPoint’s translation memory database. This delivers dramatic cost savings, improves translation quality, and consistency across all channels.


Customers don’t have to leave a familiar platform to deploy content in any language. All digital content is automated and seamlessly translated without the need to copy and paste content from the CMS.

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