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The control you want. The translation quality you need.

Centralize control of your original and translated content into one location. Our Drupal connector provides streamlined, scalable, and customizable localization management across your website, while also delivering accurate, relevant translations at industry-leading speed.

Your translations, your way.

With MotionPoint’s Drupal connector, you always have control over how your translations are crafted, and how your brand is presented across languages and markets.

Intuitive Interface

An intuitive interface empowers you to add individual webpages, or entire sections of your website, to your translation workflow. Once translation is complete, you can access Drupal’s Translation Preview to see how your translations appear on your localized site.

Full Creative Control

Our connector enables you to exercise granular control over your localized content. You can adjust translations to your liking, localize page tags, metadata, component strings and more.

Translation Visibility

Before submitting content for translation, you’ll receive information such as the total number of words being submitted for translation and the number of billable words.

MotionPoint’s Drupal Connector, Your Competitive Advantage.

Our connector is the most advanced in the market with industry-exclusive capabilities that deliver superior performance & value.

Benefits of MotionPoint’s Drupal Connector

24 / 7 / 365 support

Secure transmission and retrieval of content

Elegant integration with MotionPoint’s translation services

Access to translation reporting dashboard displaying job statuses

Access to translation for over 100 languages using professional translators

Dedicated project support team

Quick turnaround time on translation

Access to translation memory for cost savings, improves translation quality and consistency across all channels

Capabilities of MotionPoint’s Drupal Connector

Fully automated workflows that can push, receive & publish translated content

Callback notifications for all Drupal translation life cycle events

Translate all supported content types (nodes, basic page, articles, metadata, component strings) of Drupal

Supports continuous translation feature available in versions 8 and 9

Multi-job capabilities allow customers to get available translated content back sooner

Support seamless integration with your Drupal 7, 8, and 9 systems

Sandbox testing environment

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