Manufacturing Case Study

Manufacturer Accelerates International Reach in 30 Key Markets

MotionPoint gives us a turnkey solution to quickly launch and manage successful websites in new markets.

—Senior Manager, Interactive Marketing, Global Manufacturer

The Challenge

This global B2B manufacturer with offices in more than 150 countries set a strategic goal to better serve its worldwide customer base and its global field team online. However, its corporate website was primarily in English and didn’t have the capabilities to deliver regional- and country-specific content, presenting a major obstacle.

In addition, after many acquisitions, the company found itself with more than 60 disparate websites that were competing with each other, creating confusion and driving up costs. Some local markets were being served, but local language content was stagnant and lacked the latest company branding and messaging.

The company’s website showcased several major company brands; as the website launched in new markets and languages, the translated and localized sites needed to deliver critical information and a compelling brand experience.

The company’s lean digital marketing team needed to quickly and cost-effectively launch the new corporate website in 30 key markets – without additional internal resources. They also needed a solution that would work seamlessly with their Sitecore Content Management System (CMS).

MotionPoint has become more than a vendor to us. They’re a trusted partner that we consult with on everything related to web translation.

—Senior Manager, Interactive Marketing

The company’s digital marketing team conducted a comprehensive, in-depth analysis of the options. They included increasing internal marketing resources to manage and translate website content; managing translations in Sitecore using in-region resources; and using cloud-based translation technology and services, i.e. MotionPoint.

As a result of the analysis, the company selected MotionPoint as the strategic partner for this major initiative.

MotionPoint won this business because it proved to be the fastest and most cost-effective solution. MotionPoint also required minimal internal resources and provided local-market website optimizations not offered by the competing solutions. One optimization solution included EasyLink, a MotionPoint technology that determines user preferences such as language, country and currency and welcomes first-time visitors with preferred settings to improve their on-site experience. No other solution could scale to the required number of markets as quickly or cost effectively as the MotionPoint solution.


The initiative began in Spring 2016 with the ambition of launching the company’s website in 30 key markets. The project is on track, with the first 11 sites – including China, Korea, Japan, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Mexico and Brazil – rolling out on schedule.

The MotionPoint globalization platform worked seamlessly with the manufacturer’s Sitecore CMS to manage a translation memory and in-context translation workflow. MotionPoint also implemented search engine optimization and analytics solutions to attract, engage and convert website visitors in each market. The complete solution ensures that the company has a globally consistent and locally relevant online customer experience.

With MotionPoint, the company has a turnkey platform with simple processes and procedures to quickly and cost-effectively roll out websites in new markets. It also has a strategic partner, engaged in a continuing and evolving relationship, to help the manufacturer serve its worldwide field teams and its large base of customers online.

Key Benefits

  • Globally consistent, yet locally relevant content improves user experience (30 sites in 2017)
  • Faster speed-to-market and reduced cost to launch new country sites
  • Translation memory system reduces translation costs
  • Works well with Sitecore CMS, streamlining translation management
  • Search engine optimization and analytics solutions attract, engage and convert visitors
  • Easy ongoing maintenance and solid platform for future growth


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