Master Lock Case Study

Securing International Growth Online

MotionPoint’s technology is superb. It allows us to develop new sites quickly so we can enter new markets faster.

Marti Gahlman
Director - Digital Strategy & Web Services

Over the years, The Master Lock Company—a leading U.S. Manufacturer of security and safety products for both retail and commercial consumers—has grown internationally by following major retailers into new markets and by supplying American manufacturers with sophisticated security products for their overseas plants.

Nearly half of Master Lock’s revenue comes from its industrial solutions. As their business grew in Europe, Master Lock sought to offer localized websites to support its operations there.

Marti Gahlman, Director of E-commerce, explained: “We wanted to quickly roll out websites in German, French and Dutch. But as a small web team with multiple responsibilities, we needed outside expertise and a complete solution to accelerate and streamline the process.”

Faster Speed to Market

In 2008, Master Lock engaged MotionPoint to translate, launch and operate its websites for Germany, France and the Benelux Union countries of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. These sites were launched in less than 90 days, meeting Master Lock’s requirements for speed. Another differentiator for Gahlman: thanks to its innovative technology and human translators, MotionPoint’s solution was fully turn-key at launch and ongoing.

Since then, MotionPoint has continued to support Master Lock’s growth by launching and operating 5 additional websites in 9 different languages, including Chinese, Japanese and Italian.

MotionPoint technology works so smoothly, it just becomes a normal part of doing business. We don't even have to think about it.

Marti Gahlman
Director - Digital Strategy & Web Services

Many Websites, Minimal Effort

“MotionPoint’s technology is superb,” Gahlman said. “It allows us to develop new sites quickly so we can enter new markets faster. And once a site is live, MotionPoint does a very nice job of maintaining it. The first challenge is to get it translated, but then the automated solution ensures it’s updated regularly.”

Master Lock’s websites change fairly regularly, with monthly updates and major changes when a new product or segment is added.

MotionPoint’s turn-key solution is also important to Master Lock’s small e-commerce group, which consists of a content manager and a front-end engineer, in addition to Gahlman.

“MotionPoint makes it easy for our lean organization to support many localized sites with minimal effort,” he noted.

Localized Websites Deliver Strategic Value

For Master Lock, localized websites have strategic business value. For example:

  • Large distributors and customer service groups access the sites to explain products to customers in their regions
  • Local sales teams gather product information to help support business expansion
  • Consumers and buyers at global retail outlets leverage key product information

“Providing websites in local languages demonstrates that Master Lock is investing time and money to make sure each online visitor understands our products and has a good experience with our brand,” Gahlman said. “It demonstrates our commitment to those local markets.”

He continued: “When you’re trying to grow share in a new market it’s important to show respect for the people and their culture, instead of taking the attitude that they should experience the site in English just because you’re a U.S.- based company.”

Ongoing Partnership for Omnichannel Translation

Since 2008, Gahlman has evaluated other website translation vendors, but hasn’t found a solution as complete and worry-free as MotionPoint. In fact, Master Lock has expanded the scope of the relationship to include document translation projects.

“I received feedback that documents translated by MotionPoint are very well-received,” Gahlman said, recalling a recent project. “Our Japanese distributors complimented their professionalism.”

After nearly a decade of partnership, Gahlman remains pleased with MotionPoint’s service.

“MotionPoint’s sales and project teams take the initiative to assist us, and the company does a great job of communicating openly and proactively,” he said. “It’s what I expect from trusted strategic partners.”


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