We’re very happy with the quality of MotionPoint’s solution and the outstanding level of their customer support. The translations are also amazing.

Marketing leader

at a global B2B manufacturer

In 2018, a leading explosives provider to the mining and construction industries determined it should localize its unique portal website if it wanted to provide customers with important data that could increase productivity and reduce costs.

The company, which serves markets in nearly every continent, operates a customer portal with powerful capabilities. The site enables customers to input geological information about their worksites, simulate explosion blasts with software, and study the projected outcomes. This provides valuable insights that can optimize the design of an on-site explosives charge, which can streamline worksite processes and eliminate costs.

But the company provided this engaging and helpful solution in English only. This greatly limited the global salability of the portal and its services.

If the company wanted to grow—and fully embrace its commitment to providing world-class services around the world—it would need to translate its customer portal.

The Challenge

The lack of localized content extended beyond the company’s unique portal, however. Only a small collection of traditional offline documents had been translated for non-English speakers. The rest of those documents were available exclusively in English.

The business initially considered localizing the portal and offline content using in-house resources, but its lean team didn’t have the time, budget or expertise to tackle the product quickly or affordably.

More significantly, the customer portal—which was built with several complex frameworks and presented dynamic, personalized results from numerous databases—would have been practically impossible to localize. Nearly every translation vendor the company interviewed couldn’t handle the technical complexity, either.

And there was a greater problem: Even if the company could translate this complicated content, it didn’t have the resources to localize and operate these experiences on an ongoing basis.

The Impact

The lack of a fully localized user experience was stunting the company’s ability to properly serve international customers and increase revenue.

We always work well with MotionPoint’s team. They have been proactive and shared valuable information. They even launched our website ahead of schedule. We’re impressed by the quick turnaround.

Executive at a

global B2B manufacturer

The Solution

It took MotionPoint only 90 days to localize the complex customer portal and other content. One dazzled director said MotionPoint’s fully turn-key approach was “an awesome solution.”

They said the company specifically benefitted from these MotionPoint capabilities:

Compatibility with Secure Web Applications: MotionPoint seamlessly detected, translated and reintegrated localized text in the customer’s secure web applications. Our solution deftly detected and translated its dynamic content, too.
Omnichannel-Ready: MotionPoint used translation memory—a database that stores every translated phrase of the customer’s project—to localize the customer’s offline documents, which reduced translation costs.
Translation Speed and Accuracy: MotionPoint typically translates, QA’s and publishes text content within one business day of its publication on an origin portal.
Configuration & Setup: We eliminated all customer-side IT effort by deploying the servers, software, databases and tools associated with launching and hosting the localized portal.

The Outcome

With the customer now leveraging MotionPoint’s proxy-based solution:

  • Its portal-based solution is increasing market share in non-English-speaking countries
  • It collects invaluable data about how its products are used by international customers, which can help with regional inventory and product development
  • It presents a consistent, regulatory-compliant localized CX across digital channels
  • It operates its unique customer portal, and continues to craft informational documentation, in English. MotionPoint handles all translation and management of the localized versions with no customer effort required
  • It can effortlessly scale its portal and content to accommodate any language or market down the road






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