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Other companies might be apprehensive taking on so many concurrent translation projects, but with MotionPoint in our corner, we didn't have any doubts.

Director at a leading

Canadian financial institution

In 2019, a Top 3 U.S. retirement benefits provider realized that if it wanted to serve more enterprise clients, it needed the ability to effortlessly localize its asset management and investment portal service for non-English speakers.

The provider, which serves nearly 10 million participants across the country, wanted to incorporate this engagement- and revenue-boosting capability into its offering by the end of the year—a very aggressive timeline for such an ambitious project.

The company’s primary objective was finding a vendor that could localize its offering without re-engineering or rebuilding the portal platform itself … which, its technologists knew, was far easier said than done.

The Challenge

The platform had been custom-built years ago by the company’s lean IT team, and hadn’t been designed with multilingual capabilities in mind. Internal developers feared they’d have to assume the complex, time-consuming and costly task of overhauling the platform, or creating a “parallel” platform that could accommodate different languages.

The development team wasn’t interested in investing that kind of effort or expense. Company leaders wanted to find a faster, more efficient and affordable alternative, too.

MotionPoint’s turnaround on translating our website and omnichannel content is excellent. We consider this a true partnership where our team can brainstorm solutions and MotionPoint converts those ideas into action right away. The business is thrilled.

VP at a leading

U.S. financial organization

The Solution

MotionPoint leveraged its proxy-based, fully turn-key localization solution and translated the customer’s complex portal offering in 65 days.

Our customer’s executives said they specifically benefitted from these MotionPoint capabilities:

Translation Speed: MotionPoint’s ability to swiftly localize digital content at launch and ongoing was critical to the customer. MotionPoint typically translates, QA’s and publishes text content within one business day of its publication on an origin portal.
Compatibility with Secure Web Applications: MotionPoint seamlessly detected, translated and reintegrated localized text in the customer’s secure web applications. Our solution deftly detected and translated the portal’s dynamic content, too.
Turn-Key Configuration, Translation & Ongoing Operation: We eliminated all customer-side IT effort by deploying the servers, software, databases and tools associated with launching and hosting the localized portal. We fully handle all translation workflows, too.
World-Class Security: MotionPoint completes annual independent assessments to ensure compliance with security standards such as PCI DSS Level 1 and others. Our solution does not see or store customers’ personal information.

The Outcome

With the customer now leveraging MotionPoint’s proxy-based solution:

  • It is accelerating growth among its enterprise clients by offering its portal solution in Spanish and other languages
  • It continues to operate and update its portal platform in English. MotionPoint handles all translation and management of the localized versions with no customer effort required
  • Its websites, secure portals, user guides and knowledge bases are continually localized and up-to-date
  • It benefits from a synchronized, consistent brand experience across all markets


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