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Our relationship with MotionPoint is one of the best partnerships we have. MotionPoint’s attention to our requests is outstanding, and their solution is efficient and effortless. We wish every vendor could be like MotionPoint.

Director at a U.S.-based

health insurance provider

In 2010, a Top 5 U.S. health insurer wanted to focus its customer engagement on states with growing Spanish-speaking populations. Keen to increase market share, the insurer targeted states in the American southwest and Illinois.

The insurer operates large, complex online experiences that are managed across several siloed teams. It would take visionary, unified coordination among Marketing, IT and other departments to launch and operate a Spanish-language CX.

The organization had five key goals:

  • Reach, engage and convert Spanish-speaking customers
  • Empower customers to manage their accounts via a secure login portal
  • Meet all regulatory requirements with excellent translated content
  • Use its translated content to differentiate itself from competitors
  • Outpace competitors with a rapid speed-to-market

The Challenge

After careful analysis, the company determined that using in-house resources to tackle the project would likely stall due to communication challenges, technical complications and operational complexity.

And even if the project got off the ground, it would take many months—or more likely, more than a year—to complete.

The Impact

The insurer calculated the opportunity cost of not offering a Spanish-language customer portal, highlighting issues such as:

  • Minimized brand awareness among Hispanics
  • Costly gaps in customer service
  • Stagnating market growth
  • Lost market share

The insurer understood that it would lose more money if it ignored the needs of Spanish-speaking customers than it would spend to invest in a third-party translation solution. It engaged MotionPoint to handle the translation project.

We researched many vendors prior to partnering with MotionPoint, but none of them offered the same fluid, flexible solution and ease of translation. We appreciate their dedication, commitment and attention to detail.

Executive at a $450+ million

health insurance provider

The Solution

MotionPoint’s solution required less than five hours of IT effort to implement, and took only 90 days to localize the customer portal and other sites. One impressed executive called our fully turn-key solution “magical.”

They said the company specifically benefitted from these MotionPoint capabilities:

Translation Accuracy: MotionPoint’s translations met the customer’s high expectations for technical accuracy, nuanced localization of medical terminology, and meticulous replication of the company’s brand voice in Spanish.
Compatibility with Secure Web Applications: MotionPoint seamlessly detects, translates and reintegrates localized text in the customer’s secure web applications. Our solution deftly detects and translates its dynamic content, too.
World-Class Security: MotionPoint completes annual independent assessments to ensure compliance with security standards such as HIPAA and others. Our solution does not see or store customers’ personal information.
Omnichannel-Ready: MotionPoint uses translation memory—a database that stores every translated phrase of the customer’s project—to localize the customer’s offline documents, which reduces translation costs.

The Outcome

With the insurer now using MotionPoint’s proxy-based solution:

  • It presents a consistent, regulatory-compliant localized CX across digital channels
  • Spanish-speaking customers manage their accounts via the secure portal, increasing engagement and retention
  • It benefits from effortless upkeep that requires no involvement from siloed departments
  • It distinguishes itself from competitors

The insurer now leverages MotionPoint’s solution to keep its Spanish CX seamlessly up-to-date and operational—which will include an upcoming platform migration from its current CMS to Adobe Experience Manager.






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