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MotionPoint’s solution is truly impressive. Their technology makes things effortless for us, and they always take swift action to ensure our translated experience is operating properly. We’re very impressed by the level of work they deliver.

Marketing leader at a

Top 5 U.S. telecom company

In 2008, a Top 3 U.S. wireless telecom service provider wanted to rapidly accelerate its market growth among Spanish-speaking residents.

The company—which serves postpaid, prepaid and wholesale markets in the U.S. and Latin America—identified several strategic goals for this critical initiative:

  • Reach, engage and convert Spanish-speaking customers
  • Provide a fully localized user experience with a translated customer portal
  • Enable Latin American staff, using a localized employee portal, to provide customer support within their respective markets
  • Leverage this fully translated CX as a key differentiator against competitors

The Challenge

The company wanted to solve several important challenges as it examined translation solutions.

One concern was the rapid speed at which its creative agency published online promotions and support information. The agency often published several content updates in a single day to the company’s English website and private portals.

This accelerated schedule easily outpaces the rudimentary capabilities of most website translation solutions because:

  • Their content-detection technologies can’t keep up with fast-paced updates
  • This means new content isn’t identified and compiled for translation in a timely manner
  • Also, content may not be detected at all due to the vendor’s technical limitations
  • It can take weeks to translate, review and publish this new content

By the time the content is localized and published, time-sensitive promotions or product updates may have expired—or altogether removed from the site. These inefficiencies generate major delays, create a lousy UX for buyers and staff, and waste time and money.

Further, the coding of the portals was so complex, it made localization practically impossible for the company’s internal IT and Marketing teams.

The Impact

The company was bleeding out on opportunity. It had served Spanish-speaking customers and employees in the U.S. and Latin America for years, but was clearly providing an unsatisfying user experience.

Things went from bad to worse when key competitors debuted localized websites and portals for their own Spanish-speaking U.S. customers.

Our partnership with MotionPoint is excellent. Their team was dedicated, committed and responsive throughout the entire process of launching our Chinese website. We’ve always been very pleased with the quality and performance of MotionPoint’s solution.

Executive at a

Top 5 U.S. telecom company

The Solution

MotionPoint localized the company’s customer and employee portals—and its public-facing website, offline documents and informational videos—in 90 days.

Company execs said their project especially benefitted from these MotionPoint capabilities:

Translation Speed and Accuracy: MotionPoint typically translates, QA’s and publishes text content within one business day of its publication on an origin portal.
Compatibility with Secure Web Applications: MotionPoint seamlessly detects, translates and reintegrates localized text into the customer’s secure web applications. Our solution deftly detects and translates its dynamic content, too.
World-Class Security: MotionPoint completes annual independent assessments to ensure compliance with security standards such as PCI DSS Level 1 and others. Our solution does not see or store customers’ personal information.
Configuration & Setup: We also eliminate all customer-side IT effort by deploying the servers, software, databases and tools associated with launching and hosting localized portals.

The Outcome

With the customer now using MotionPoint’s fully turn-key proxy-based solution:

  • It generated a significant increase in Spanish-speaking customers with practically no internal effort
  • Its Spanish portals effortlessly keep pace with its English portal’s production schedule, delivering 100% content parity
  • It generates at least 2x the amount of traffic and conversions than competing U.S. telecom providers with Spanish sites

The customer has used MotionPoint’s solution for more than a decade, and its Spanish-language business continues to thrive in the U.S. … and beyond.


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