MotionPoint’s turnaround on translating our website and omnichannel content is excellent. We consider this a true partnership where our team can brainstorm solutions and MotionPoint converts those ideas into action right away. The business is thrilled.

VP at a leading

U.S. financial organization

MotionPoint offers all financial institutions an effortless, secure way to localize all lines of their business for their linguistically diverse clientele. It’s why more than half of the U.S. Top 10 banks use our turn-key solution.

MotionPoint’s approach to translating websites, secure login experiences, documents and omnichannel content meets rigorous security standards, and works with complex website applications.

We cater to the unique needs of financial organizations in several key ways:

Technology Independent: MotionPoint’s proxy-based approach to website translation ensures full compatibility with all content-management platforms and other online technologies. It operates seamlessly—even during website redesigns and platform migrations.
Works with Single Page Applications: Our technology detects and translates dynamic content—including content generated based on location, such as city- and bank branch-specific information. We also localize complex public-facing and portal applications powered by AngularJS, React, and others with no customer effort required.
Omnichannel Translation: MotionPoint enables customers to leverage their translated content for use across all channels at no additional cost. Engage customers via localized social media, digital marketing campaigns and more.
Secure: MotionPoint completes regular independent assessments to ensure we comply with PCI DSS Level 1 certification. This includes annual audits by independent PCI SSC Qualified Security Assessors. We also demonstrate ongoing practices that comply with PCI DSS.
Translation Speed: MotionPoint continually analyzes websites for content changes. New content is typically identified, translated, edited and published within one business day.

Our solution has helped:

  • Banks provide services, including account management via secure login areas, to multilingual customers…
  • International customers easily apply for credit cards in their preferred languages…
  • Car loan providers offer localized documents and forms throughout North and South America…
  • U.S. Hispanics review, purchase and manage retirement plans…
  • Speakers of over a dozen languages—including Arabic, Farsi, Hindi, Japanese and others—search and find nearby bank locations

And much more.

Other companies might be apprehensive taking on so many concurrent translation projects, but with MotionPoint in our corner, we didn't have any doubts.

Director at a leading

Canadian financial institution

The Opportunity

Due to complex regulations, legacy databases and content-management systems (that vary by line of business), it’s often very difficult to craft a translated customer experience with a great UX, superior uptime and world-class security.

MotionPoint’s PCI DSS Level 1-certified solution empowers financial organizations to effortlessly sidestep these challenges. Our solution eliminates the tremendous IT effort, complicated workflows and operational complexity associated with content localization projects.

Our hands-free approach is perfectly tuned to handle the complex needs of all financial organizations—with no ongoing effort required from them:

  • Banks with customer-facing website applications and account management tools
  • Wealth management companies with sophisticated investment calculation apps
  • Lenders with secure customer portals to manage payments and more
  • Organizations seeking to lower customer support costs with localized FAQs and knowledge bases
  • Brokers that require accurate, word-class technical translations
  • And more

The Answer

MotionPoint’s secure solution enables financial organizations to effortlessly engage their multilingual customers with any language, in any channel—and with any online customer experience, regardless of complexity.

As six of the United States’ Top 10 banks know, this can drive new business in traditionally underserved markets … and help ensure customer retention for years to come.






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